Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Gets Better

This warms my soul. Dan Savage and his husband have launched an effort to let GLBT youth know, life gets better after high school. Here's hoping more teens see this, or other videos in the project.

And for more videos:
It Gets Better.

High school was a while back for me, but I remember the horrors. And I was a straight girl - who was a little different, a little weird, and "too smart." I was reminded of how awful people can be when my own kids were in high school just a few years ago. GLBT youth, and other youth who are getting hassled or having any difficulties need to hear this message.

It Gets Better. Almost Immediately. Really. Terry's right when he says "Living well is the best revenge."

Share this around, send to your kids' teachers, whatever, please. I just hope these videos can make it past the "net nanny" programs on many school systems' computers.


Julie-Ann said...

Awesome. Thanks you.

Daemon Ἴκαρος~ Δαμων said...


Tonight I couldn't sleep, so was up roaming around the net and happened to click "Next Blog" at the top of my blog.

I scrolled down and saw the support for gay marriage flag and then watched this post.

As a younger gay guy, finding support from a stranger at a time most needed was a God send and answer to prayer.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You will never know what this did for me.